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Q: Can you fix the rock chip in my windshield?
A: Yes, we can repair rock hits under the size of a quarter. They take approximately 15-20 minutes and your vehicle needs to be brought in here to the shop. It's best you make an appointment or you can call first to see if a tech. is here to do the repair.

Q: How does a repair work?
A: We drill a hole into your windshield that goes to a plastic, we extract the air, shoot a polyermer inside to fill the cracks, then we seal it with an ultra violet light. You will still see your hit, some repairs clear up better than others depending on the initial degree of impact.

Q: Can you replace my windshield on the road?
We can replace your windshield on the road, depending on your location. We do work around the weather. It needs to be above 40 degrees, not raining, snowing, and not too windy. There is no additional cost!  

Q: Will my insurance cover my windshield repair?
A: Yes. As far as we know, State Farm is the only insurance that no longer waives your deductible for a repair. All you need to do is simply file a claim and you pay nothing for your repair.

Q: Are you an approved shop for my insurance?
Yes, we are an approved shop for all networks. You have the right to choose the glass shop you want to do your work. When you give them our phone number (804-224-3770) they will find us in their systems.

Q: Can you install my used windshield?
A: Yes, We can install your used windshield. There is however, no guarentees on the glass. There can be a lot of stress put on windshields from being installed and removed. We normally do not run into any problems, but we do need to warn you of this possibility.

Q:   Can you replace side view mirrors on my car?
Yes, these are pre-cuts and a special type of mirror. You still need to have the plastic tray the mirror sits in. We carry some in stock, but most are available within about 2 days at the most.

Q: Can you replace a broken glass at my home?
Older homes take regular glass that we keep in stock. Insulated units (two pieces of glass) are one sealed unit. We have to order these and it takes approx. 2-3 weeks for delivery. We can come to your house or you can bring the sash in, so we can measure it. Please call first.

Q: Can you fix my screens?
Yes, we re-screen frames, fix corners, and can order you an entire screen if needed.

Q: I failed OP, because my window is not tempered. What can be done?
We have a film that can be applied to your windows to allow you to pass OP. It makes the windows considered tempered.

Q: Can you do anything for my patio doors not rolling?
Yes, we can replace the rollers on your patio doors. There are 100's of different rollers out there, but we try and carry the most common ones.

Q: Can you cut down the glass I already own?
A: So long as your glass is not tempered, then we can cut it down for you. However, we do need to take off a minimum of double the thickness. Ex: With 1/4" we need to take off atleast 1/2". If you are unsure of what you have, please bring it by so we can take a look.

Q: Can you cut a glass tabletop even if my table is not square?
A: Yes, we do need a pattern if you cannot bring the table here. (A pattern in cardboard is best) We can cut a circle without a pattern.

Q: Can you get a glass for my patio furniture?
A: We can order tempered glass to replace your patio furniture glass. However, in most cases the glass is more costly than a new set. If it's a small square table, there's no problem. The big circles with a hole in the center can be very expensive. We are more than happy to give you a price quote.


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